Venture Debt

Start-up growth companies increasingly receive also debt financings from specialized lenders without being yet profitable. GLNS is a leading adviser in the growing segment of venture debt financings in Germany. Working closely interlocked with our award-winning venture capital practice, we help growth companies and investors with structuring and implementing such debt financings and the equity components involved with them. By leveraging our integrated expertise with combined equity and debt financings, we develop innovative financing solutions for our clients on a regular basis enabling our clients to successfully use venture debt as a flexible and still developing financing product.

Selected References:

  • Marley Spoon on USD 65,000,000 growth debt financing by Runway Growth Credit Fund as well as venture debt financings by Western Technology Investment (WTI), Global Growth Capital and Kreos Capital
  • smava on the financing of the acquisition of Finanzcheck by way of a venture debt financing provided by Kreos Capital and Proventus Capital Partners
  • Razor Group on venture debt financing by Claret Capital
  • Book-a-Tiger on venture debt financing by Davidson Technology Growth