Business law disputes with cross-border elements are often taken to private arbitration tribunals instead of state courts .

We regularly advise and represent clients successfully in arbitration proceedings and have the required expertise with respect to carrying out the proceedings under the several rules of arbitration amongst others the DIS rules of arbitration, ICC). In addition, lawyers (m/d/w) from our firm act as arbitrators. Our experience is also reflected in the drafting of arbitration clauses in contracts.

Selected References:

  • Seller of a company in DIS arbitration proceedings regarding the alleged breach of warranties on financial statements and compliance in a company purchase agreement
  • UK logistic company in ICC arbitration proceeding on the enforcement of warranty claims based on a breach of the warranty on financial statements by the seller
  • Shareholder of a medium-sized family office on arbitration proceedings under civil procedure law regarding the scope of information rights
  • Professional sports club on an arbitration proceeding before the federation arbitral tribunal regarding withdrawal of license