Corporate Litigation

We have great experience and outstanding expertise in corporate litigation. Our practice comprises the advice regarding, and the representation in, disputes in mid-sized companies (in particular family offices) as well as disputes concerning in publicly listed stock corporations.

A particular focus of this practice is disputes about the effectiveness of shareholders’ resolutions and resolutions of the general meeting, disputes in joint ventures, and disputes about the liability of the management based on a breach of duties of the management or the executive board as well as the supervisory board. We also have special expertise in leading judicial proceedings regarding financial statements and valuation matters.

Our practice comprises not only the representation in court and arbitration proceedings but also the strategic advice in the pre-trial phase (for example regarding the preparation of disputed shareholders’ meetings or general meetings) and settlements of disputes among the shareholders.

Selected References:

  • Foreign cosmetics group on disputes with a joint-venture partners in German joint venture company (expulsion of the joint venture partner, enforcement of damage claims against the management, appraisal proceedings on the compensation amount)
  • Shareholder and managing director of a mid-sized family office on judicial disputes among the shareholders, in particular in connection with succession provisions in the shareholders’ agreement)
  • Shareholder of a mid-sized family office on court adjudicated disputes among the shareholders relating to the forced expulsion of a another-shareholder based on a breach of duties
  • Shareholder and managing director of a mid-sized automotive supplier in court proceeding regarding withdrawal as shareholder and managing director