Disputes under Trade and Business Law

We advise and represent clients on all disputes under trade law and business law. A particular focus of our practice lies on complex cross-border disputes. Our clients profit from our proven cooperation with renowned foreign partner law firms.

In cases involving areas of law for which we do not have the required substantive specialization we consult specialist from other law firms.

We do not engage in disputes for the sake of arguing but to enforce our clients’ interests. Our particular focus is to find the economically best solution for and together with our clients. Besides our vigorous enforcement of claims and defense against claims we are very skilled on in the settlement of disputes.

Selected References:

  • Spanish real estate company on the enforcement of claims for damages against the bank based on incorrect advice on the conclusion of interest-swap agreements
  • Dutch financial services company on disputes with a bank based on the termination of the business relationship
  • Media company on court adjudicated dispute with a group company about the termination of a license agreement regarding the usage of the company name
  • International engineering company on disputes about the termination of a license agreement regarding the development and marketing of a new product
  • Mid-sized engineering company on the defense in court against claims of a commercial agent
  • Dutch motor manufacturer on the judicial defense against product liability claims