GLNS Ladies Lunch: Nicole Beyersdorfer, Head of the CFO Office of Allianz Partners, as a guest at GLNS

GLNS is committed to diversity and inclusion. An important part of this commitment is the regular GLNS Ladies Lunches, where female lawyers and student employees talk to external guests about issues women face in the course of their professional careers.

This week, Nicole Beyersdorfer was a guest at the GLNS Ladies Lunch and gave an exciting insight into her career so far: she started her career at a large law firm before taking a detour to a boutique firm and finally taking on her current position as Head of CFO Office at Allianz Partners.

The discussion with Nicole provided a good opportunity for the female lawyers to exchange views on opportunities and challenges in these different legal practice areas. In addition, Nicole gave the GLNS ladies a valuable piece of advice: "Dare to be more visible in your organisation."

The event was organised by Julia Klesse and Nadja Crombach.